Wahoo SIP Trunking Advantage

✓ Eliminate expensive wireline, T-1 and PRI Trunks
✓ Leverage existing bandwidth cost and maximize savings
✓ Predictable budgeting with unlimited flat rate trunks

Unlimited Local and Long Distance Calling

With SIP Trunking from Wahoo, you’ll have access to unlimited calling anywhere in the continental USA and Canada. Stop paying your local telecom provider high monthly fees for restricted local calling and eliminate your domestic long distance expenses.

Predictable Fixed Cost Phone Service

Wahoo offers flat rate SIP Trunking solutions designed to save you money. Budget your telecom spending every month and stop worrying about long distance and overages.

SIP Trunking - Wahoo VoIP

Fully Compatible

Our SIP Trunking service is compatible with all phone systems. Even if your system is not SIP enabled.

Extremely Reliable

Wahoo’s SIP Trunking solutions are provided on a fully redudant, all IP telephony network.

Quick & Easy Setup

In most cases your SIP Trunks can be provisioned and setup on your existing phone system within a few short hours.

Disaster Proof

In the event your phone system becomes un-available your calls will automatically fallover to any destination.

5 Benefits of Wahoo VoIP SIP Trunking

  • Save up to 60% Monthly — Start benefitting from unlimited calling a low flat monthly rates with no overage charges.
  • Keep Your Phone Numbers — Keep all your existing phone numbers, including Direct Inward Dial (DID) and Toll Free.
  • Transparent Migration — We manage your migration and ensure you have a seamless transition when using our SIP Trunking.
  • Easy to Deploy — SIP Trunks can be provisioned and setup in the same day with little to no changes to your existing phone systems.
  • US Based Support — Receive VIP support from our US based staff for any account changes or questions.

The Wahoo VoIP SIP Trunking Advantage

Wahoo VoIP’s SIP Trunks deliver optional service quality with crystal clear voice. When compared to older expensive wireline services like analog trunks or PRIs, Wahoo VoIP’s SIP Trunks enhances your existing phone system while lowering your monthly telecom spending. In addition, SIP Trunks are much more flexible and reliable.

Use any Phone System You Want

Wahoo VoIP’s SIP Trunks can work with any SIP enabled PBX. They also work with traditional analog phone or key systems using a telephone adapter or IAD (Integrated Access Device). No matter what system you currently have or plan on purchasing Wahoo VoIP’s SIP Trunks can help you save money and increase productivity.

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