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We make communication easy fast reliable affordable


The future of communications in the business world.


Everyday more & more businesses are upgrading to our reliable and feature rich Cloud System.

Best In Class Reliability

Top‐notch technology means you get better quality of service across any network, enabling your employees to work on the go and enhancing efficiencies across your company.

True Simplicity

Our business phone systems are easy to activate, intuitive to use, and simple to maintain, upgrade and scale. With our mobile app and plug and play setup, you’ll be up and running in no time.

White Glove Service

Our award‐winning, US‐based customer service means access to network support from our technical experts 24/7.
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What exactly is VoIP? It is the future of communications in the business world. Hosted Cloud based VoIP (Voice over IP) is the new way to handle all your phone system needs in your business. Traditionally, all businesses operated on a proprietary phone system which requires legacy copper phone lines and is limited in flexibility features, but unlimited in cost. Traditional phone systems cost more and often do not provide these same premium features.

Why VoIP?

The internet continues to get faster and more powerful. VoIP harnesses this power to move your phone system online. Your business suddenly becomes an “IP office” that extends beyond the walls of your building. Employees can work from anywhere and still be connected to your office phone system. VoIP includes many features at a much lower cost, such as Follow Me Call Forwarding, Auto Attendant and Call Recording.

Increase Sales, Reduce Cost, Improve Productivity

Increase Sales, Reduce Cost, Improve Productivity

Wahoo VoIP vs. “Big Telephone Companies”

We’re 100% focused on IP Telephony and Cloud Communications. We provide expert, on-site surveys to prepare your business for IP voice and deliver superior US based support and service to your staff. We’re a single source for Service, Hardware, Installation and Maintenance.

At Wahoo we provide reliable telecommunications solutions and high quality technical support to businesses and non-profit organizations with a personal touch. Our locally based team is committed to ensuring that our customers get the highest return on their communications systems investment. We work closely with our customers to ensure that developing their communication systems is cost effective and efficient. Our experienced professionals understand that clients look to us to streamline and optimize their telecommunications networks.


Why Wahoo VoIP?

Cloud Based System

We take care of the phone system in our fully redundant data center. All you need are IP phones that plug directly into the internet via your existing network.

Web Management

Our simple to use portal allows you to access your features and settings 24/7 via the web. Make simple changes or even choose to give your employees access to manage find-me-follow-me, voicemail-to-email and more.

Unified Messaging

Combine all your voicemail into one place for easier management. Choose to see your messages on our online portal or have them forwarded to your email and cell phone.

Virtual Receptionist

Improve your customer experience with a professional greeting and route them to any employee, department or any other destination like a cell phone.